A Paradigm Shift in Weight Manag​​ement

The Science is in the Silhouette

Your Digital Health Picture

You can now use cutting edge, non-invasive technology to acquire extremely accurate body composition, caloric needs, health risk and body measurements in the privacy of your own home.  One picture from  your smart phone combined with our patented and tested technology is all it takes to properly track your current and future health progress.  

Patented and Tested Technology 

The science team that invented LEANBODYGPS's patented technology has over 90 years of cumulative experience in body composition testing and research.  In a recent university study of 117 individuals, LEANBODYGPS's method for body fat estimation was compared to DXA (Dual Absorption X-Ray), one of the industry's gold standards for body fat testing and the results were astounding.  ​​View Science Pack

 Terri M 

 Functional Health Coach 


I love using this technology!  It provides highly accurate assessments while also being very convenient.  My clients have their own accounts and can perform their scans in the comfort of their own homes and simply share their results.


Integrating this into my team coaching was both powerful and simple!  It gives my clients so much more information than the scale and perhaps a couple of measurements gave them before.   They can now see accurately, a variety of changes occuring in their body and it is ultra motivating!  


 Brandi L 

 Fitness Educator 

Your Path to Optimized Fat Loss

Step One: 

complete your  BODY

FAT scan

Your scan is non invasive and may be completed in the privacy of your home using your smart phone.  Personal results are provided immedietely and come with additional coaching.    

step two:

review your


Your report will show you much more than any scale can and will give you the ability to track a variety of changes happening within your body. You may find working with a professional or a group of friends to reach your goals more beneficial than on your own.

Step Three:

CRAFT AND follow

your  plan

To reduce fat in less time, we recommend a progressive mixture of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and environment modification.  This can be integrated strategically with the right programming. 

STep four:

re-scan Every

20-40 days

Body Fat and Body Measurements take more time to change than scale weight.  Completing a new scan every 20-40 days is the recommended frequency to best track your progress.